I kind of thought to ask but then rethought and backtracked and recursed and thought of privacy and thought of face We laughed so loudly at that joke you made the corners of your mouth turned up by rote if not by heart You looked a bit too eagerly around and your eyes dragged to […]

Staring Out

in slats of wells I wander here and there and turn a page and flip a strand of hair I let my lids shut out all the light around but some seeps in illuminating after image dark impressions turn red as blood returns so deeply breathed in current waves of stream a feeling of expansion […]

Ode ode

my soul hath rent in two and there bequoth the where before it dieth in the sloth brigade forsake me not! you petals of the public park I settled to imbibingness and sidled flapping feathered flanks leering lurid around her tiny waist so lackeys and backtalkers tirade in darkness shrouded blackened sun where twilight and […]

T minus 30

I’m kind of nervous about this next bit or maybe its just that I had 3 cups of coffee already this morning bad idea bad idea bad idea bad… I sort of clench my hands and then unclench and resolve nope – not going to do that and then notice a now plucked hangnail pulled […]